Aquarium Fish That Look Like Sharks

Fish that look like sharks Sharks are fascinating creatures. From Hollywood movies to skeletal museum exhibitions,  sharks spark interest and among many, who are fascinated by its danger. So, wouldn’t it be cool to have a shark tank? Yes, absolutely. But is it possible to have a shark living in a tank?  Yes, it is … Read more

The Benefits of Indian Almond Leaf

The Indian almond leaf, also known as the Terminalia catappa, is a tropical plant from Asia, Africa, and Australia. The plant in the Ayurveda practice, a system of medicine widely practiced in South Asia. Scientific studies have shown the medicinal benefits of the plant. T. catappa in a clinical setting has shown to be antimicrobial, … Read more

Shoaling vs schooling fish: What You Need to Know

Schooling Schooling fish swim together to give the appearance that they are bigger and stronger. This is mostly done to avoid predation. However, in some species of fish, this helps them increase foraging success and increases the chances for mating. Shoaling Shoaling fish, on the other hand, are fish that prefer to live in groups. … Read more

Is Super Glue Aquarium-Safe? All You Need To Know

Aquarium enthusiasts spend a lot of time and money on their aquariums with the intent to recreate the beauty of nature. Super glue can help you do that. But is it aquarium-safe? Cyanoacrylate Is Absolutely Safe There are different chemical makeups for super glue. The one you want to use in an aquarium is cyanoacrylate. … Read more

Is Distilled Water Good for Aquarium Tanks?

“Distilled water is pure and should, therefore, be better for my fish and plants.” Wrong! “Is it safe to use distilled water for a fish tank” The difference between all water types and what they are good for Distilled (DI) water Impurities that boil equal to or below the boiling point of water are likely … Read more