How to Maintain an Aquarium

Proper aquarium maintenance is necessary to ensure the health and well-being of the fish, critters, and plants in your aquarium. Maintaining the Filtration Your aquarium filter is one of the most consequential elements of your aquarium system. Filter maintenance promotes ideal conditions for the growth of your beneficial bacteria. You can maintain your filter by … Read more

My Review of the EHEIM Jäger TruTemp Review

Many in the fishkeeping hobby have heard of the EHEIM Jäger TruTemp and is commonly referred to as the most reliable and accurate aquarium heater on the market. There are many different sizes of the Jager, accommodating different sizes of aquariums. Currently, there are 9 different sizes to choose from, adequate for 20 to 1000 … Read more

How To Grow An Infusoria Culture

An Infusoria culture can help feed your aquarium fish. Making infusoria cultures does not require a starter culture or kit. This is because Infusoria is present in all organic matter. At times, Infusoria can be seen living in the substrate of aquariums, hidings in between pebbles and plants. Generally, populations of infusoria do not proliferate … Read more

Firemouth Cichlid Care: Habitat, Tank Requirements, Breeding & more

The Firemouth Cichlid, also known as the Red-breasted Cichlid, can bring fiery red colors to a freshwater aquarium. The species is easy to care for.  Firemouth cichlids are peaceful but occasionally will show signs of aggressivity. This is most common during spawning when the pair begin digging in the substrate. Appearance The Firemouth cichlid is … Read more

The Blackwater Aquarium: A Guide for Beginners

Blackwater aquarium, Pencil Fish.

The blackwater aquarium aims to replicate the conditions found in the blackwater biotope. Blackwater aquariums are created from a mixture of leaf litter and plants, creating a tinted water effect. The process is similar to the brewing of tea, where the properties of dried tea leaves are infused with water. Tannins [are] a yellowish or … Read more