The Most Expensive Bettas in the World

Most expensive betta in the world, sold by Worachai Kachen, who sold this Betta fish for over $1500 USD.
Image by Worachai Kachen, who bred this betta and sold it for over $1500 USD.

Betta’s are the most popular fish in the world, most admired for its colors and shapes. In most pet stores, a betta fish can go anywhere between 5 to $30. The keenest of fishkeepers however, oftentimes strive to find betta of superior quality. But the most expensive bettas are typically not found in pet stores. They are part of a network of breeders from all over the world, who create beautiful fish through selective breeding.

“Show bettas” are betta fish that are up to par with the standards of fish showing competitions. The International Betta Congress, for one, hosts yearly competition shows, featuring the most beautiful bettas in the world.

Commonly, the winners of these competitions find eager buyers for their fry. Once a fish is the winner of a competition, it receives credibility, given that the fish has been reviewed by a set of judges specialized in accessing the beauty and composition of betta fish.

2nd Place Traditional Plakat for the Holland Betta Show

Plakat Betta

Plakat betta fish are generally more expensive. Plakat appears in a variety of colors depending on its environment of habitation.

Additionally, it is very active and would conserve more energy than any other betta fish. Its fins are very short and are relatively closer to the body. This makes it appear very big. The secret in the price of this betta is in its uniqueness. It can go up to $1,500, depending on the uniqueness of its color.

Half moon

Here is yet another betta fish of value to think about. Its name comes from the shape of its tail and fins when all are fully spread. The beauty of its tail is stunning. Both the male and the female Half moon betta have long tails, which can spread to almost 180 degrees. Both the female and the male are reddish, although the male one is relatively dull.


Crowntail Betta
Crowntail Betta

Crowntail is another rare breed of betta fish. Its value lies in the fact that it is unique. It is also very sensitive and fragile and demands delicate care. Its tail is the longest in the family of betta fishes, which makes it require a relatively large space for rearing. There is practically no difference in the size of the tail and the fins. They all have spikes on them.

This betta fish appears in tree variety, namely the double, single, and crossed rays. You can, therefore, choose what attracts you most. You should, however, realize that this fish type is very prone to disease targeting the fins. Consequently, you must ensure that its water is super clean. The cost of raring Crowntail is what makes it more expensive. It can cost about $500 to $1, 500 depending on its scarcity in the market.

These are just a few among the most expensive bettas in the market. The best way to know the value of your fish is to auction it on social media. Probably the highest bid will be more than what you expect. It will be to your advantage.

Wild Betta Fish

Wild betta fish are also generally more expensive than Betta splendens. Among the most popular wild betta fish, we have the Betta hendra, which is has blue slenderous body and a tail I like to compare to that of a female guppy. Another one of my favourites is the Betta albimarginata, also known the as the Whiteseam Fighter, whose fins are marginated white. A more common specie is the Betta imbellis, who is beautifully colored and akin of the Betta splendens.

Something to think about

While a betta fish may present highly contrasting colors when you first get it. But as time goes by, coloration may fade. Betta commonly change colors with time, generally due to old age. However, other factors may increase the possibility of changes in coloration, most notably stress and illness. In order to maintain your betta’s coloration and brightness, ensure that you follow our betta fish care guide.

So unless you expect to enter a betta fish competition, it’s unlikely that you’ll need to find a “show betta” for your home aquarium. In fact, you don’t need to buy the most expensive bettas in the world in order for you to find a good companion. Personally, I tend to fall in love with all my fish, regardless of their appearance.

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