My Review of the EHEIM Jäger TruTemp Review

EHEIM Jäger TruTemp

Many in the fishkeeping hobby have heard of the EHEIM Jäger TruTemp and is commonly referred to as the most reliable and accurate aquarium heater on the market.

There are many different sizes of the Jager, accommodating different sizes of aquariums. Currently, there are 9 different sizes to choose from, adequate for 20 to 1000 liter (5 to 265 gallon) aquariums.

To briefly discuss my experience with this product, I have own several of the same model and have been for several years. I use the 50 Watt because it’s an adequate heater for betta tanks.

Since betta tanks are usually smaller, 5-10 gallons, it’s so important that the aquarium doesn’t overheat due to a lower margin of error. I’ll discuss the accuracy of this product in this article.

EHEIM Jäger TruTemp

What’s included?

The packaging will include along with the heater, 2 suction cups, 1 mounting bracket and then an instruction manual.

I would recommend that you read the instruction manual, as it will show you detailed information on how to set up the TruTemp future.


The EHEIM Jäger TruTemp lets you adjust the temperature of your aquarium in increments of .5 degrees Celsius, or .9 degrees Fahrenheit.

Trutemp Feature

Perhaps the most important feature of the EHEIM Jäger TruTemp is its ability to be recalibrated.

With other heaters, you will oftentimes realize that your heater isn’t heating your aquarium at the level at which you set it up for. For example, in my guppy aquarium, I aim to have my aquarium set at 76.5 degrees Fahrenheit. To do so, I set my Fluval E at 78 Fahrenheit because I know there is a discrepancy of approximately 1.5 degrees Fahrenheit.

So technically, my heater is not heating up the aquarium to the temperature that I set it to.

This is where the Trutemp features comes in handy. You can adjust the heater to compensate for some of the discrepancy.

The EHEIM Jäger TruTemp is fully submersible, which means that you can place it horizontally, which can then be hiding more easily with rocks and plants, which is more esthetically pleasing. Comparatively, some heaters are not sub


I appreciate the design of the EHEIM Jäger TruTemp. The design is clean and doesn’t interfere with the appearance of aquariums. You will notice however that the Jager is built longer than most other brands. A comparable product would be the Fluval-E which is built long.

The build of the heater is evocative of German engineering. I have had many of this model, none of which broke after years of use. Knock on wood.

The power cord is quite long, which I truly appreciate because it helps me line it neatly on the edge of the stand.

Other Features

The TruTemp has all the features that we look for in a heater.

  • Shatterproof glass construction
  • Dry-safety turns the heater off if it becomes out of the water
  • Mounting bracket
  • Suction cups

Purchasing the EHEIM Jäger TruTemp

We approve of the EHEIM Jäger TruTemp and find that it has good value for the price.

Since EHEIM is somewhat common in the hobby, you’re likely to find it in most local fish stores. General pet stores may not hold stock for this item.

Another option is to find it online where it is widely available.

Final Thoughts

I think this is a great heater overall for many types of aquarium. I particularly like the sleek appereance of the heater compared to other products by other brands.

The recalibration feature (TruTemp dial) is amazing, especially in that price range.

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