My Review of the EHEIM Jager TruTemp Review

Many in the fishkeeping hobby have heard of the EHEIM Jager TruTemp and is commonly referred to as the most reliable and accurate aquarium heater on the market. There are many different sizes of the Jager, accommodating different sizes of aquariums. Currently, there are 9 different sizes to choose from, adequate for 20 to 1000 … Read more

The Benefits of Almond Leaf for Betta Fish

The Indian almond leaf, also known as the Terminalia catappa, is a tropical plant from Asia, Africa, and Australia. The plant in the Ayurveda practice, a system of medicine widely practiced in South Asia. Scientific studies have shown the medicinal benefits of the plant. T. catappa in a clinical setting has shown to be antimicrobial, … Read more

Shoaling vs schooling fish: What You Need to Know

Schooling Schooling fish swim together to give the appearance that they are bigger and stronger. This is mostly done to avoid predation. However, in some species of fish, this helps them increase foraging success and increases the chances for mating. Shoaling Shoaling fish, on the other hand, are fish that prefer to live in groups. … Read more