Betta Hendra

The Betta Hendra is a wild-type betta fish native to Borneo. The species was named after Hendra Tommy, who made the discovery of the species. The hendra belongs to the betta genus under the order of perciformes. In 2013, a study by Schindler and Linke revealed important information relating to the origin of the species. … Read more

Betta Fish Lifespan: How Long do Betta Live?

Bettas or the Siamese fighting fish are perhaps one of the most misunderstood fishes available in the freshwater hobby. It exhibits colors that are unknown in the freshwater world. In fact, some of them have colors brilliant enough to put many of their saltwater counterparts to shame. However, one trouble people often run into when … Read more

Betta Fish Fin Rot: Symptoms, Causes & Treatment

In our last article, we discussed at length about the causes and treatments of constipation in bettas. Today we’ll discuss another common yet dangerous disease in bettas which are fin rot. I’m sure most of us have experienced neglecting our fish from time to time only to find out some ‘white fluff’ growing on your … Read more