Betta Albimarginata Care: Habitat, Breeding, Tank Requirements for the Whiteseam Fighter of Southeast Asia

The Betta albimarginata is a wild type fish native to Malaysia and Indonesia. Its name refers to the white coloration on the bordering their fins; albi for white, and margo for margin. The species is also known as the Whiteseam Fighter. The species is a paternal mouthbreeder, belonging to the albimarginata complex. The aquarium should … Read more

The Most Expensive Bettas in the World

Betta’s are the most popular fish in the world, most admired for its colors and shapes. In most pet stores, a betta fish can go anywhere between 5 to $30. The keenest of fishkeepers however, oftentimes strive to find betta of superior quality. But the most expensive bettas are typically not found in pet stores. … Read more

Best Betta Fish Heater: Safe & Reliable Heaters for Betta Tanks

Welcome to my guide to the best betta fish tank heaters. In this guide, you will find information on what constitutes an adequate heater for your betta tank. We warn against products that are specifically branded as betta fish heaters due to their inferior quality. We discuss the different types of heaters providing circumstantial recommendations. … Read more