Lemon Tetra Care: Habitat, Diet & Breeding

Lemon tetras are well-known in the hobby primarily for their bright yellow coloration and peaceful disposition in a community aquarium. A school of Lemon tetra can produce a magnificent spectacle. Lemons are deeper-bodied and longer comparatively to Neon tetras. These hardy fish generally live relatively long lives, typically between 3-4 years. Etymology The scientific name … Read more

The Orange Betta Fish: Varieties, Breeding and Care

The orange betta fish is one of the rarest and most difficult colors to breed in Betta splendens. The main reason why it is so hard to breed orange betta fish is simply that they tend not to breed true. This means that even if the parents are orange themselves, their offsprings may not. Typically, … Read more

Neon Tetra Care: Diet, Habitat, Tank Conditions & More

The Neon tetra is one of the most popular fish in the aquarium hobby. The highly adaptive species makes a beautiful addition to a variety of settings. Most famous for their iridescent blue stripe spread horizontally across their bodies, Neon tetras provides a stunning sight as they school across the aquarium. Fortunately, Neons are highly … Read more

Cardinal Tetra (Red Neon Tetra): Diet, Habitat, Compatibility & Breeding

The Cardinal tetra is a beautiful addition to a planted aquarium. In a school, the Cardinals with iridescent horizontal stripes, provide a breathtaking spectacle that can vitalize any aquarium. Moreover, Cardinal tetra care is relatively simple and accessible to even the newest to the hobby. Cardinals are endemic to soft tropical freshwater habitats in Brazil, … Read more

My Review of the EHEIM Jäger TruTemp Review

Many in the fishkeeping hobby have heard of the EHEIM Jäger TruTemp and is commonly referred to as the most reliable and accurate aquarium heater on the market. There are many different sizes of the Jager, accommodating different sizes of aquariums. Currently, there are 9 different sizes to choose from, adequate for 20 to 1000 … Read more