Congo Tetra Care: Habitat, Diet, Tank Mates & Breeding

The Congo tetra makes a beautiful addition to any freshwater aquarium. Originating from Africa, they are found in the Congo River Basin where they like to in slightly acidic, densely vegetated waters. The best part of this species is its beautiful orange, silver, and light blue iridescent coloration. As bigger fish, they are responsive to … Read more

Lemon Tetra Care: Habitat, Diet & Breeding

Lemon tetras are well-known in the hobby primarily for their bright yellow coloration and peaceful disposition in a community aquarium. A school of Lemon tetra can produce a magnificent spectacle. Lemons are deeper-bodied and longer comparatively to Neon tetras. These hardy fish generally live relatively long lives, typically between 3-4 years. Etymology The scientific name … Read more

The Orange Betta Fish: Varieties, Breeding and Care

The orange betta fish is one of the rarest and most difficult colors to breed in Betta splendens. The main reason why it is so hard to breed orange betta fish is simply that they tend not to breed true. This means that even if the parents are orange themselves, their offsprings may not. Typically, … Read more