About Us

Hello readers!

I thought I might introduce myself to you.

Well my name is Alex and I’m from Canada.

Keeping Fish is a project that I began in the spring of 2020. Due to COVID-19, the province entered into a shutdown sometime in March. In April, I began to write articles on a free-hosted blog, and soon later that I would like to make this into a bigger project. I have been keeping fish for many years and have great experience in freshwater and saltwater tanks. I’m still learning new things daily and am always excited to share my knowledge.

My main goal for this website is to inspire a sense of responsibility and passion in the fishkeeping hobby by advocating for the conservation of natural habitats, species, and the welfare of our aquarium-dwelling creatures. Essential topics regarding water quality, proper cycling of an aquarium, and ethical and sustainable sourcing of livestock and plants will eventually be featured on this website.


Want to contact me? Use the contact page to get in touch with me.